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Laniakea Studio Micro Table Stand With Mic Clip

Laniakea desktop Microphone stand, studio microphone table with stand with mic clip along with heavy iron Base, easily foldable, adjustable and retractable, for podcast, singing, Computer, meeting and lectures and also for recording in a studio.

This is the most useful thing for using in your day to day life. Laniakea studio micro table stand with mic clip will help you to arrange a meeting, singing, conducting lectures and recording something on different purpose.

Product details:

Colour: Mic Desk stand
Brand: Laniakea
Style- Adjustable and Simple
Stable Base–The stable base is made with the technology of PP plastic
Retractable Shaft – The retractable Shaft is very much easy to adjust in height between 9.1 inches to 11.8 inches.
Adjustable Mic Clip – you can easily fix the mic of different diameters that is between 1 inches to 1.7 inches.
Solid Lock–after locking it, it will be very steady of the adjusted height.
Easy Carry – The mic stand of Laniakeais easy to carry at any place.

Laniakea Micro stand which has a easy function to set up and has a easy method to run it with the help of it’s smooth stable base. It is also easy for hands free broadcasting.

Height : Between 9.1 inches to 11.8 inches
Base diameter : 4.5 inches
Colour : Black

It is perfect for singing, meeting, lectures and podcast at home.

Why should you have a Laniakea micro table stand?

It is so much easy to use in any purpose. It is not costly also. It is also easy to carry it. If you have a Laniakea studio micro table stand with mic clip, you can use it in different purpose like singing, conducting meeting, recording or in delivering speech. So it is important to have this podcast. If you want to buy this Laniakeastudio micro phone at a cheaper price with exchange warranty then you need to visit through our link. You will get a better service if you buy this product with our link provided.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed

This Laniakea Microphone comes with friendly customer service. You will get a better service to us. Satisfaction is guaranteed here. If there any problem with our product definitely we will replace it within a shortest time.

Frequently asked questions

Can this stand be used with a newer 040 microphone?

Answer: I am not sure as it doesn’t have any Adjustable clamp.

Can it be used with a blue snowball microphone?

Answer : yes, A pop filter will work in any microphone.

Can the stand be used in blue snowball?

Answer : Yes, it can.

Is it really made with PP plastic engineering?

Answer : yes, PP plastic engineering is used in this stand.


Laniakea studio micro table stand with mic clip really an impressive product that anyone can buy from our site with warranty. This gadget will help a man to easier their day to day life. It can be used in several task like singing, conducting lectures, meeting and also in recording something. So it is suggested to buy this product from our website.

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